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Laser Tattoo Removal, Brow Removal, Hair Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Brow Removal

Micro-bladed and tattooed eyebrows can be removed with laser treatment using a ND YAG: Q switched Laser.

The picture on this page, is before treatment and what to expect two minutes after the first session.
The white ‘frosting’ will disappear after twenty minutes and you may experience slight swelling and redness and some initial scabbing, but the results are amazing 🤩

You will be given some aloe vera gel to take home to keep the area moisturised.

A few sessions may be required depending on the colour and density of the ink and numbing cream can be used to avoid discomfort. This can be purchased in clinic.

Cost per treatment - £35 

The brow area can be micro-bladed again six to eight weeks after your final laser treatment if you wish to do so, if your practitioner is happy with this.

A consultation and test patch MUST be booked at least 48 hours (or more) before booking a tattoo removal treatment.

Book your free consultation and test patch appointment online here.

* This treatment is unsuitable for skin types IV to VI (brown to black skin).

*Consultation and test patch is required 48hrs beforehand.

*Clients must not be on a course of antibiotics, chemotherapy or pregnant, to be eligible for treatment.

laser brow removal